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    In 2009, Bulldog Enterprises founders Aaron Singer and Vince Lefton set out to help homeowners get the most out of their property damage insurance claims.

    Today, we help roofing contractors, homeowners, and other industry professionals maximize their profits using our patent-pending claims management technology and our Virtual Claims app. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and contractors secure millions of dollars in settlements with the power of communication and technology – and we’re far from finished!

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    journey through the years


    Bulldog Adjusters is a leading claims adjusting company headquartered in sunny South Florida. We’ve grown to become one of the most trusted public adjusters across 46 states. We believe that homeowners deserve to be treated fairly by their insurance companies and have settled thousands of claims across the country for millions of dollars. We work for the policyholder, NOT their insurance company.


    Headquartered in South Florida, Bulldog Marketing specializes in social media management, video content, and strategic marketing plans that are custom-built to fit your brand’s needs! Using the industry’s best practices, Bulldog’s marketing research team will study an industry’s existing social media trends in order to come up with custom content to match our client’s audience. Additionally, our video content team will manage all of the shooting and production for video ads tailored to showcase your brand at its best. Our goal is to help build an eye-catching and consistent brand identity and voice that will keep customers coming back!


    Your Virtual Adjuster powered by Bulldog Adjusters is a unique approach to property damage insurance claims that focuses on communication above all else. We specialize in residential insurance claims of $50k or less, and our patent-pending claims technology makes it easier than ever for roofers to grow their business by helping their sales teams sell more jobs and get on more roofs. Our focus is on claims so that your focus can continue to be on roofing. We’ve settled thousands of claims across the company’s lifespan resulting in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars. With nationwide coverage, we can help your clients no matter where they are!


    We created the Only Roofers podcast as a way to speak with industry professionals about their experiences. Our hosts Vince Lefton and Liz Calzadilla have spoken with industry greats such as Steve Patrick from Level the Playing Field and YouTube personality Alex Hefner about everything from creating valuable content to building your legacy. Grab a chair; the table talk is all about you!


    The Virtual Claims App is exactly what it sounds like: a patent-pending VIRTUAL claims processing technology! Developed by Your Virtual Adjuster, The Virtual Claims app helps contractors from any industry create a story that can be used against the insurance company. Whether hail, wind, or smoke damage, contractors can use this technology to create a picture and measurement report that helps them start and finish more jobs. The process even gives their sales teams more time to knock on more doors and sell more jobs! Our vision is to create a future where contractors can have access to all of their claim referrals with just a few swipes of their finger.


    Your Large Loss Adjuster provides you with the tools needed to successfully navigate the large commercial insurance claims process both face-to-face and through our patent-pending claims management app. We see the struggle in communication that contractors, building owners, and property managers are having with large losses and instantly knew that we had to step in!

    We’re licensed in 47 states plus DC with a mission to ensure a fast and simple claims process with a focus on making sure everyone involved in the claim is updated and informed. Our team of professionals have over a decade of experience scoping large losses and crafting expert estimates that truly maximize what the claims are worth!